• Finding Your Walla Walla Dental Home

    Finding a dental home where you feel comfortable is key to building a strong relationship with your dental team. At Inland Family Dentistry, our team strives to make each visit a pleasurable experience for every patient. With more than 50 years of combined experience in Walla Walla dental care, our team aims to not only provide the highest level of service, but to also inspire our patients so that they look forward to the dentist rather than dread it.

    Whether working with long-term patients that simply come in for a routine checkup and friendly conversation, or getting to know a new patient while helping get their dental hygiene back on track, we pride ourselves in taking a different approach, one that focuses on listening to the needs of our patients and makes them feel comfortable above all else.

    Of course, we’re not just all about making sure your dental health is in check when you come for a visit, we also do an excellent job educating each patient about the importance of maintaining good dental hygiene habits at home.

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The importance of maintaining good dental health

Believe it or not, your dental health extends far beyond just making sure your teeth look nice and white. Pictures and self-esteem aside, maintaining a good dental health routine can help prevent a range of different oral problems that will ultimately require a visit to see a dentist for treatment.

While you may not think about it this way, your teeth and gums are living parts of the body that require regular upkeep to ensure they stay in good health. Below, we’ve covered some of the most common dental health problems that patients experience, as well as some best dental health practices that you can exercise at home.

Common Dental Health Problems

1. Bad Breath
Also known as halitosis, bad breath is one of the most common dental problems experienced bypatients. Though it can stem from dietary choices and poor dental hygiene, chronic bad breathis usually a sign of a more serious dental health problem.

The most common cause of bad breath when linked to oral hygiene is the breakdown of bacteria and food particles in your mouth that then release odors. It can also be caused by bacteria on the tongue, cavities, gum disease, and, in the worst case, oral cancer.If you’ve been experiencing persistent bad breath even after you’ve made dental hygiene changes, it’s a good idea to visit the dentist to make sure the problem isn’t more serious.

2. Tooth Decay
Commonly referred to as a cavity, tooth decay usually makes itself known to patients in the form of a toothache or tooth sensitivity, though there can be other signs. No matter how old you are, anyone is prone to tooth decay from children to adults, usually resulting from poor dental hygiene and dietary habits.

Tooth decay happens when plaque is allowed to build up and sit on the surface of your teeth for a prolonged period of time. This sticky substance reacts with other foods you eat to form an acid which then eats through your tooth enamel.

While brushing twice per day and flossing is a great way to prevent cavities, it also comes down to what you eat. Regular dental checkups with your Walla Walla dentist are recommended to catch early signs of tooth decay before it has the chance to become a cavity.

3. Gum Disease
Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is an infection of the gums that surround your teeth. This is one of the main causes of tooth loss, and some studies have even suggested that it can cause other complications and diseases such as heart disease.

Gum disease starts as gingivitis and eventually progresses to periodontal disease if left untreated for a long enough period of time. The most common symptoms are red, swollen gums that feel sensitive to the touch and bleed easily.

Good dental hygiene can prevent this as well as regular visits to the dentist so they can look for early signs and provide treatment before things get worse.

Good dental hygiene practices

1. Brushing twice per day
Brushing your teeth twice per day for at least two minutes each time is a great way to ensure your teeth are never exposed to plaque and bacteria for long periods of time. Using circular motions that cover every surface of your teeth and gums is recommended to ensure that no food or stubborn plaque gets left behind. Be careful not to brush too hard because you can actually cause harm to your gums.

2. Flossing every day
Flossing is great for getting those tough to reach areas that your brush simply can get to. By gently working floss between each tooth and using it to clean those difficult surfaces, you’ll be safely removing all of the food particles and bacteria that could eventually lead to dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

3. Eat a healthy diet
Just as your diet affects your body’s overall health, it has just as much of an impact on your oral health. When you consume foods that are highly acidic and prone to getting stuck

The importance of finding your Walla Walla dental home

Even though all dentists go to school and learn about the same topics, they don’t all practice dentistry the same way. At Inland Family Dentistry, we focus on providing our patients with a comfortable, complete dental experience that inspires good habits and regular checkups.

When you visit a dentist who doesn’t make you feel comfortable, you’re more likely to avoid going when you have real problems that require professional attention. We understand that more individuals than not had negative experiences in the past, which is why we strive to make the first appointment all about you and finding out how we can best help.

At Inland Family Dentistry, we want to hear about all of your concerns and needs so that we can develop a customized treatment plan while keeping you fully educated and informed on all options every step of the way.

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