Our Team

  • Kelly ZugerHygienist

    Kelly has been a registered dental hygienist in our valley for many years. Her passion and dedication for oral health is second to none. Kelly has worked at our office for over 10 years, and she has worked with some of her patients for over 30 years. Kelly takes great pride in helping folks understand the importance of home care and working with patients to improve their oral hygiene.

  • Mandy ThompsonHygienist

    Dr. Goyer and Mandy have worked together for almost 20 years! Mandy is a registered dental hygienist bringing experience and great depth of knowledge to our office. She is the historian of our dental practice, recalling every detail of every tooth she has ever seen. If you happen to see Mandy for your cleaning, you might hear quite a bit about her adventures with her goats, and it wouldn’t surprise us if she tried to convince the Department of Health to allow therapeutic goats in the dental office setting. Stay tuned!

  • Jody PoseyHygienist

    Jody is a registered dental hygienist by day and barista by night, well weekend. Dr. Goyer discovered Jody’s ever-smiling face frequenting her coffee shop, Giddy-Up and Go. To Dr. Goyer’s delight, she learned Jody was attending hygiene school. She has been a team member since 2007. Jody’s thoughtful ways reflect her genuine concern for each of her patient’s care.

  • Taelor CarterHygienist

    Taelor joined our practice after graduating at the top of her class with a bachelor’s of science in dental hygiene from Eastern Washington University. She observed at our office a number of times while in school, and we knew she would be a perfect addition to our team! Taelor has wanted to be a dental hygienist since she was 5 years old, so you could say working at our office is a dream come true!

  • Barbara MoodyHygienist

    Barbara is an extremely experienced hygienist and has helped many people in our valley improve or maintain their oral health over the course of her career. She has even taught dental hygiene courses in the area. Many of us have even worked with Barbara (or Barb as we call her) in the past. Currently, Barb is seeing patients Mondays, Wednesday-Fridays.

  • Sara DimakAssistant

    As an integral member of the Inland Family Dentistry team for over ten years, Sara is a registered dental assistant with over 20 years of experience in the dental office setting. In addition to her assistant duties, Sara has completed additional continuing education with Dr. Goyer focusing on oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. She is also our resident meteorologist, wheat crop analysist, and wildfire marshal.

  • Kim FerrerAssistant

    If you hear a movie quote while in our office, know that you are likely working with Kim! She is a registered dental assistant and has worked at our office for over ten years. Kim can also be found helping the administrators up front, ordering supplies, and maintaining equipment. She is also called on to help translate for Spanish speaking patients. We dare you to try and quote a movie Kim hasn’t seen!

  • Nikki FullertonAssistant

    Nikki is a registered dental assistant. She recently joined our practice and looks forward to helping folks with their dental care. Nikki is primarily responsible for the management of our laboratory, pouring up models, making guards, and maintaining equipment among other things. Her background coming from both an orthodontic practice as well as a general dentistry office has made an immediate impact on our practice and we are happy to have her!

  • Casey ClarkAssistant/Administrator

    Registered dental assistant by day, highly skilled administrator, well, by day also. Casey moved back home after working in Seattle for a number of years, and we are so glad she did! Most of the time, she is one of the beaming faces who greet patients. Other skills include making sure insurance companies behave; corralling a mountain of administrative-related tasks on a daily basis; and helping patients understand their treatment, the cost of treatment, and an estimation of what insurance is expected. That is just the tip of the iceberg! She is also an excellent clinician, assisting the doctors with various procedures. We look forward to introducing you to Casey, our new multi-talented team member.

  • Gwen DildineAdministrator

    You might notice that Gwen looks strikingly similar to Dr. Goyer. That is because Gwen is Dr. Goyer’s daughter—they put the family in Inland Family Dentistry. Gwen is our office manager and is jack of all trades, helping with everything from scheduling to technology to accounting among other duties. She often tells folks she has worked with Dr. Goyer the longest, over 30 years, as she remembers going to dental school from time to time with her mom.